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The 2014 Kenai Peninsula Borough election season is off and running !!!!!!

In a press announcement Feb 25 Mayor Mike Navarre has announced that he is seeking re-election.  He is the first to announce in what should be an exciting season.  Three Assembly seats are also up with Bill Smith, Charlie Pierce and Hal Smalley termed out.  

The Mayor has said he will not make promises to the voters on reducing taxes and government, because most politicians do not keep that promise.  Mr. Mayor- make the pledge and keep the promise, you CAN do it- it is up to you.

One pledge we will ask of all candidates, Mayoral and Assembly is:

“I will not support or vote for any reduction of KPB Senior benefits or raise taxes on Seniors, either by exemption reductions or tax increases”.

WE will  ask the question and demand a YES or NO answer.  No political double speak.  They will either support Seniors or not.

Seniors must vote to support all Seniors and candidates that support us.  Seniors on the KPB have almost 10,000 votes.  Let’s make them count.



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