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Charlie Pierce Endorsed for KPB Mayor by


As a Senior citizens advocate (a Senior at 72) and writer for many periodicals including Kpbseniors.Com, I am taking this opportunity to endorse Mr. Charlie Pierce for Mayor of the Kenai Peninsula Borough.

From the perspective of a Senior citizen there is no other choice. Mr. Pierce’s opponent Ms. Linda Hutchings has and is taking positions that will hurt every Senior Citizen on the peninsula. She has vocally supported raising taxes on Senior citizens, raising sales taxes, property taxes, income taxes and even supports politicians that want to end the PFD. It is disheartening that someone almost 70 years old is trying to use fellow Seniors of the KPB as a foil and the solution to raise taxes and increase spending.

If you have any doubts regarding the positions of candidate Hutchings, simply “follow the money”. While claiming to be a conservative , a significant number of Ms. Hutchings campaign contributors are full supporters of tax and spend, not a thought of conservative and cautious use of taxpayer dollars. They support higher taxes for Seniors and all KPB residents.

The Hutchings political supporters have all supported or sponsored legislation to increase the tax burden of Seniors and residents of the KPB.  Not a single mention of spending reductions.  We cannot tax our way out of deficits– that leads to government bailouts and municipal bankruptcy.

Ms. Hutchings is running as a “republican”.  However, in recent elections she supported the Independent for Senate (not the republican), and Democrats in local elections.  Where is the Republican part?


One of the most important issues in front of the KPB over the next several years is the LNG pipeline. It will be a great asset and significant financial benefit to the borough. Mr. Pierce has almost 30 years of experience in the natural gas industry, Ms. Hutchings has Zero.

Case closed on that subject..

Seniors of the KPB and those who plan on becoming Seniors, I recommend that you cast your vote for Charlie Pierce for Mayor.