A letter from Republican District 31

Open Letter to the Lower Peninsula Community

To our fellow Citizens and Friends:

District 31 Republicans respect open dialogue and the sharing of opposing views in a constructive format. We believe in holding our elected representatives accountable for what they do and how they represent the people.

That’s why the Alaska Republican Party has taken the unprecedented step of sending the attached letter to Representative Paul Seaton denying him access to our primary ballot as a Republican in this years Legislative election. We feel it is critical to communicate our concerns to the community directly so people understand why this step has been taken and explain how this action will improve our democratic process.

We believe that presenting our position in a clearly articulated open forum removes any cloud of secrecy or hidden motives that might cause resentment. In an effort to enlighten the community on the specific issues and legislation that demonstrate how Paul Seaton has turned his back on area Republicans, we have included his positions and voting record on Page three.

The Alaskan Republican Party and local District 31 have the legal authoritybacked by precedentto prevent Seaton from running as a Republican. Political parties are associations of like-minded individuals with broad constitutional protections to define their terms of association. While ARP continues to welcome all people of every race and cultural background who share our values, we are unwilling to let the government force us to accept our rivals’ abuse of our name and our Republican Party label in the upcoming primary election. As much as Paul Seaton may insist that he is not our adversary, his actions prove otherwise. Republican leadership and caucuses are united in their position: Paul Seaton cannot appear on the ballot as a Republican.

The views expressed here are not those of every Republican, but they do speak for the majority and are the result of leadership votes at every level. Paul Seatons actions diverge completely from Republican priorities. His voting record, summarized on the following pages, constitutes such a clear break from his professed party affiliation and its objectives, that we regard him as destructive to our party.

Finally, we acknowledge that this is a big step and it has not been taken lightly. It is a necessary step to preserve our integrity and purpose as a party. This is a grass-roots effort, not orchestrated by outside activists, party bosses or big oil, as some will suggest. Republicans in District 31 are speaking up. We are the voice behind this initiative and for too long our voices have been silenced by a person pretending to support Republican priorities.

Representative Seaton is not being denied his right to free speech or free association. He switched his allegiance and association voluntarily and decided to associate with the Democratic party. The Democratic party is where his true allegiance resides and where his opinions are welcomed and rewarded. Paul Seaton has “made his nest”.

This step by ARP has already strengthened democracy and the election process by encouraging other Republican candidates to step forward to seek the endorsement of our party, potentially resulting in several choices to represent our party in the General election. This is precisely what primaries are intended to do. Yet, for too long Mr. Seaton has used our party label to advance his own personal interests, not those of our party.

Mr. Seaton is welcome to run for office as a Democrat. If he is honest and true to his principles, he should do exactly that. In any event, Seaton has no right to complain about why he cannot be what he is not, a Republican”

Thank you,

District 31 Republican Officers

Nona Safra, Chair

Michael Fell, Vice Chair

Julie Wasser, Secretary

Kathy Wallace, Assistant Secretary

Eileen Becker, Treasurer

Paul Seatons Voting Record

Seaton, as Finance Co-Chair, plays “hide and seek” with the budget and government spending. His recent explanation of a $200 million “oops” in a supplemental appropriation is an example of dodging accountability.

Seaton has presided over the most contentious, partisan, do-nothing session in our history. His defection to the Democrats placed his individual interests (desire for power and status) ahead of the people and led directly to our current impasse on necessary budget reductions.

Seaton has presided over two budgets that have taken half your dividend and cut ZERO from the combined operating budgetat a time when we clearly need reductions in spending

Alaska’s government spending is the highest per-capita in the nation, by a huge margin, and yet Seaton believes we have nowhere left to cut.

Seaton supports the Governor’s fuel tax, his payroll tax, and removal of property tax exemptions for seniors, all of which drain capital from our private sector.

Seaton supports reneging on promised tax credits–admittedly generous, but which were promised.

Seaton favors taking more of your dividend through creative re-structuring and POMVlower payouts that do nothing to protect the Permanent Fund.

Seaton led the effort to expand Medicaid, with hidden costs and no controlsa decision that is breaking the back of working Alaskans.

Seaton consistently disregards the needs and health of the private sector.

Seaton rates among the lowest in the Legislature every year in terms of Supportive of Alaska Business. Seaton voted for looser sentencing and drug laws, leading to our present crime wave and drug epidemic.

Paul Seatons Voting Record


Seatons District has the second highest unemployment rate in the State. After a decade in the Legislature, nothing has changed. His record in support of jobs and economic opportunity reflects ZERO concern for private sector.

For example: he supports HB142 that RAISES unemployment insurance on businesses to fund more unemployment benefits that his policies (or lack thereof) has created!

Seaton consistently fails to support reforms to existing wage and hour laws that kill employment and entrepreneurship in Alaska.

Seaton rejects reasonable repairs to our workers compensation system.

Every year, Seaton leads the charge to increase oil taxes, already the highest in the free-market world. He thinks higher taxes creates more revenue.

Seaton has introduced bills to increase mining tax and gravel extraction tax. His sponsorship of bills on mixing zones were so burdensome that our own shore-based treatment plants and ferry system would not comply.

Seaton refused to allow any Republican amendments last session that sought even minor reductions to the budget onto the floor for a vote. His representations that the total operating budget was cut in 2017 (i.e. without capital spending and reductions to dividend) is unsupported by facts.

Seaton, for over a decade, has continuously voted against building strong families, against parental rights, against protections for private property rights, and for increased regulation and Federal Government oversight (Prop 2, Law of the Seas Treaty).

Seaton wastes inordinate amounts of public time on the issue of Vitamin D, spending an entire finance meeting during a special session arguing how Vitamin D can save Alaska $250 million.