A Review of Open Letter

Good bye Mr. Seaton

Alaska District 31 Republicans have increased the pressure on Paul Seaton to leave the Republican party. A strong letter to Lower Peninsula Republicans was sent to voters and released to the media, joining the Alaskan Republican Party in its demand that Paul Seaton change his party affiliation from Republican to Democrat.

Titled “Open Letter to the Lower Peninsula Community” . The letter was sent by Nona Safra and the District 31 Board and endorsed by Party Vice Chair, Jon Faulkner

Let’s take a peek into that letter.

The good news for District 31 is that they took the approach to highlight the Seaton record, based on facts versus political rhetoric or personal animous. There are few in their district or the state that deny Paul Seaton has turned his loyalty to the Democratic party. The letter highlights where Seaton abandoned the Republican Party and joined with Democrats in Juneau. In the area of legislation, he voted the Democratic line.

This letter from District 31 drops the gauntlet, Mr. Seaton you are not one of us.

In general, the letter explains Seatons votes or proposals to increase senior citizen taxes , his favor of seizing the PFD, his plan to create a State income tax and his support for a State sales tax. Amongst other legislative positions.

How Seaton can justify remaining a Republican is a mystery. If the Republican party has anything to say about it: mystery solved he is not a Republican.

The Alaskan Republican Party insists that it be represented by Republicans, it is not a novel idea.

Perhaps Paul Seaton can lift his head from feeding at the Democratic $$ trough long enough to listen , change parties and go back to the trough. He receives less than 8% of his contributions from Republicans, most his support is from Democrats and Democrat PACs.

Four Points::

For District 31: Paul Seaton, Republicans do not want you.

For Paul Seaton: Say good bye and “move on” (your true party slogan)

For Democratic Party: Paul Seaton has joined you in the house, will you accept him as a party member?

For Republican Party: Paul Seaton = delete.

Stay tuned folks, it will be interesting and exciting. There is nothing like a good political contest on the Southern Peninsula.